Yorkton Office


Effective as of October 15th 2016.

Payment is due at time of service.


     New Patient Visit*:                          75 Minutes                                            $180.00

     Return Office Visits**:                    60 Minutes                                            $145.00

                                                                  45 Minutes                                        $120.00

                                                                  30 Minutes                                        $  90.00

                                                                  20 Minutes                                        $  63.00

                                                                 15 Minutes                                         $  45.00

     Acupuncture Visit***:                     45 minutes                                            $  90.00

     Adjunctive Cancer Care (ACC):

            ACC Initial Visit:                        90 minutes                                            $ 225.00

            ACC Return Visit:                      60 minutes                                            $ 170.00

                                                                   45 minutes                                         $ 145.00

                                                                   30 minutes                                         $   105.00

                                                                   15 minutes                                         $   55.00

VISA/MasterCard/Debit/Cash/Cheque is accepted for payment.


Once you book an appointment, this time is reserved to help you with your health concerns.  If you have a scheduled appointment you are unable to keep, please give the office at least 48hours notices (preferably 2 full business days). Dr. Velichka has an ever-growing waiting list of patients who are anxious for an appointment, so a space you cannot use may be given to someone else if enough notice of cancellation is given. Please be advised that failure to notify our office of any cancellations in due time will result in the usual visitation charges, as noted above. 

Your cooperation with this policy is appreciated.

 *Note: Pediatric (<12 yoa) visits fees will be based on length of appointment required.     Initial pediatric visits will be scheduled for 1 hour with the fee being 145.00$ for the hour 

**Most return visits for Dr. Velichka are for 45 minutes

***Acupuncture visits will be scheduled for a 45min timeslot and will only be available to patients of Dr. Velichka (ie. They must schedule an initial visit the first time they meet the Doctor.  Acupuncture may be included on this initial visit if time allows)