Naturopathic Medicine Week 2014

This year I had a busy week participating in events to educate the public on Naturopathic Medicine.  Being the secretary for the Saskatchewan Association of Naturopathic Practitioners (SANP) I had many initiatives to be involved in to promote our profession.  

It started with a presentation on natural ways to manage stress, anxiety and depression on Monday May 12th at McNally Robinson Bookstore in Saskatoon. We had an awesome crowd of at least 120 people who came to hear myself, Dr. Fleury and Dr. Whelan speak.


This was followed by our involvement at the Palliative Care conference in Saskatoon on May 14th and 15th where we had an opportunity to showcase Naturopathic Medicine to over 2000 attendees at the conference. 

During Naturopathic Medicine Week I was interviewed by Brent Loucks of News Talk CKOM 650.  On the show Dr. Barmby and I answered questions on naturopathic medicine, the training naturopathic doctors have, and how naturopathic doctors collaborate with the conventional medical team on patient care. You can listen to the radio show by listening to the links below.

NMW 2014 Segment 1

NMW 2014 Segment 2

Naturopathic medicine continues to be a growing profession across Canada. Canadians are recognizing the need to have experts of natural medicine as part of their healthcare team.  I feel privileged to be a part of an amazing profession where I can truly support patients in the steps they need to take to restore health and strengthen well-being.

May you be empowered, motivated and inspired to live well.

In health,

Dr. Velichka